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3 Years After the BP Spill and We Are Still Sick

Several groups, individuals and LEAN address the ongoing health issues from the BP Oil Spill with a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Association and others… Groups send letter outlining ongoing human health impacts along Gulf Coast As Earth Day passes and we remember the events of the BP Oil Spill three years ago, we are reminded that things have not been made right here along the Gulf Coast.…
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2013 Mississippi River Water Walk, SIGN UP!

Sharon Day is carrying a copper pale of water 1,200 miles to raise awareness about clean water issues. Walk with her!  photo credit Ojibwe Elder , Sharon Day has begun a spiritual journey walking the length of the Mississippi River “to call attention to water quality issues for all of Mother Earth’s waters.” Sharon began her walk on March 1st at the beginning of the Mississippi River.…
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Group Letter to CPRA Concerning Gulf Hypoxia

The persistence and growth of a large area of hypoxic (low oxygen) water off Louisiana’s coast is a long-standing problem that threatens the state’s coastal fisheries and the communities who depend on them. Louisiana Environmental Action Network, Louisiana Audubon Council, Gulf Restoration Network, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club, Louisiana Bayoukeeper, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper, Ouachita Riverkeeper and RESTORE write letter to CPRA to address nutrient reduction.…
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