Paul and Michael on Patrol
Paul and Michael on Patrol

About Us

As part of the Waterkeeper Alliance our goal is to champion clean water and the communities which it serves.
The Lower Mississippi RIVERKEEPER® is the first project of its kind for Louisiana and the first on the Mississippi River. We serve to energize current activists to participate in environmental decisions, educate the public and government leaders about environmental challenges and economic opportunities regarding the Mississippi River and how reduced water pollution benefits all of us.

Our main objectives are:

  • Educating the public and community leaders about water quality concerns along the River
  • Strengthen the environmental community in Louisiana and recruit new activists to insist on improved river conditions.
  • Monitor and investigate reported incidents.
  • Target polluters and compel compliance with the Clean Water Act to reduce pollution into the River.

To achieve those objectives, LMRK employs the following strategy:

  • Utilize our Lower Mississippi RIVERKEEPER® patrol boat to serve as a constant presence on the river, putting polluters on notice that they are being watched.
  • Frequent surveillance from the air courtesy of our partners, SOUTHWINGS.
  • A widely used toll-free hot line, 1-866-MSRIVER, for citizens and business to report problems.
  • Identify and challenge major polluters through investigation, preparation and prosecute or settlement of Clean Water Act citizen enforcement actions with representation from our attorneys.
  • Holding a high media profile.
  • Distribute written materials to promote Lower Mississippi RIVERKEEPER® projects and highlight opportunities for citizen involvement.

The Orr Brothers

Paul Orr
Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper

Paul earned his Mass Communications degree from Louisiana State University.  He has been the Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper since 2006.

He has represented LMRK at all Waterkeeper Alliance functions and hosted the Waterkeeper Alliance’s 2006 annual meeting in New Orleans.

During the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Paul closely monitored response activities and the ensuing impact to the coastal wetlands and marshes.  Once the spewing oil had been stopped and the well sealed, Paul began sampling activities to document the impact that the oil and chemical dispersants had on aquatic life and coastal vegetation.  Throughout the disaster Paul issued regular, if not daily, e-alerts which up dated the status of the disaster and provided accurate and current information.


Michael OrrMichael Orr
Communications Director

Michael is the youngest of the multi-generational family dedicated to improving the health of Louisiana’s environment for all its citizens.  With a deep love and joy for the wilds of Louisiana and extensive experience in business management, he has been a welcomed addition to the full-time staff.