Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper is proud to be an AVEDA EARTH MONTH PARTNER

Visit your local AVEDA salon during the month of April to support LMRK and AVEDA’s efforts to safeguard clean water.

April is Earth Month and once again LMRK is proud to partner with AVEDA in their efforts to protect and provide access to clean water. AVEDA’s Earth Month has raised more than 60 million dollars for clean water projects in communities around the world. Locally, LMRK is proud to have the support of AVEDA as we work to safeguard the Mighty Mississippi River and the drinking water it provides to over a million people in South Louisiana alone.

About Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper

The MISSISSIPPI RIVER is the industrial superhighway of Louisiana. Facilities in Louisiana have an extensive impact from permitted discharges as well as an unfortunate history of accidents, spills, and vulnerability to weather events. As Louisiana faces continued industrial growth and increasingly severe weather impacts from climate change and sea level rise, the environment and the communities who inhabit this environment face severe consequences to their health, safety and sustainability.

Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper (LMRK) has been working for over 10 years to protect and improve the Mighty Mississippi River.

How do we do it?

– Water, Aerial, ground and satellite patrols
– monitoring and documenting pollution
– assessing, analysis and quantifying impacts
– negotiating with responsible parties and, if necessary, enforcing compliance
– educating the public
– promoting community involvement, environmental education and outdoor recreation

 Download Our Earth Month Donation Receipts

LMRK Earth Month Donation Receipts

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