Get on the River

The Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper (LMRK) is focused on protecting and preserving the mighty Mississippi River because we love the river. To truly understand the Mississippi, to connect with it and be inspired to protect it you must experience it for yourself. So get on board and get on the river!

From solo adventurers paddling from source to sea, to university class, filmmakers and journalists; LMRK is proud to be able to assist countless people in experiencing the Mississippi River. We are always happy to advise anyone interested in exploring the muddy waters of the Mississippi for themselves so feel free to send us an email and ask us a question.

watercolor map by John Ruskey

watercolor map by John Ruskey

If your interested in paddling the Mississippi River for yourself you definitely need to utilize the RIVERGATOR. Preeminent Mississippi river guide, owner of Quapaw Canoe Co. and friend of LMRK, John Ruskey has put together the first river guide written for paddlers on the Lower Mississippi River. The River Gator website describes the 1100 mile trail of free-flowing water between St. Louis to the Gulf of Mexico.  Made public June 1, 2012, the River Gator will be under construction for the next year or until the entire trail is complete. Start your journey at