2013 Mississippi River Water Walk, SIGN UP!

2013 Mississippi River Water Walk, SIGN UP!
Sharon Day is carrying a copper pale of water 1,200 miles to raise awareness about clean water issues. Walk with her!

 photo credit prx.org

Ojibwe Elder , Sharon Day has begun a spiritual journey walking the length of the Mississippi River “to call attention to water quality issues for all of Mother Earth’s waters.” Sharon began her walk on March 1st at the beginning of the Mississippi River. She is carrying a copper pale of water from Lake Itasca, Minnesota at the headwaters of the Mississippi to the mouth in south Louisiana. Sharon will carry the bucket of clean water from the origin of the Mississippi until she mixes it back into the river some 1,200 miles from the start. 

Follow the journey on Facebook and see Sharon’s location, updated daily, HERE.

Hear more about Sharon’s journey and the Annual Mother Earth Water Walks in her interview on prx.org

Read more at : Indian Country Today Media Network

The mighty Mississippi is the main artery of Louisiana and provides drinking water to over a million people in south Louisiana alone. Lend your support, sign up to walk with Sharon in solidarity for clean water for all.


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