VOTE: Should Industry use river water in order to protect Baton Rouge’s water supply?

The Business Report discusses an important topic about groudwater use in the Capital Region. What do you think?

A poll on the homepage of the Baton Rouge Business Report is asking a very important question: 

Several groups say industrial plants in north Baton Rouge should be required to use Mississippi River water instead of the groundwater beneath their plants to protect household water supplies from saltwater intrusion. Do you agree?

As of the time of this post, 3:00pm 2/21/14, 74% voted:

Yes. That would solve the saltwater intrusion problem overnight at no cost to residential and commercial users of Baton Rouge water.

Go to:

The poll is towards the bottom of the page. Let your opinion be counted and vote!

Also be sure to read the related article:

Water rights: Industry, environmentalists, regulators clash on how to slice the pie

This issue has been a hot topic thanks to the advocacy of Hays Town and LTG Russell Honore.

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