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154 Environmental, Fishing, Chemical Reform, and Community Groups Demand Public Health Attention in the Wake of the BP Oil Disaster

A diverse coalition of 154 groups, including Waterkeeper Alliance, United Houma Nation, Association of Family Fishermen and 69 different Waterkeepers organizations, representing hundreds of thousands of community members around the country, Mexico and China, sent a letter to EPA Administrator Jackson and HHS Secretary Sebelius demanding action on the growing public health crisis on the Gulf Coast.…
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Mighty Missislick Expedition

We said there warn’t no home like a raft, after all. Other places do seem so cramped up and smothery, but a raft don’t. You feel mighty free and easy and comfortable on a raft. -Adventures of Huckleberry Finn The Mississippi River—the Great River—has lent its undulating waters to boyhood dreams, once again.…
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