Pearl River Fish Kill Update: LEAN Files Notice Of Intent


Click here for the NOI document.

In response to the devastating aquatic organism kill in the Pearl River Basin caused by the discharge of pollution by the Temple Inland paper mill in Bogalusa, LA, LEAN has filed a Notice Of Intent to file a citizens suite against Temple Inland for failure to comply with their water pollution control permit, the Clean Water Act, Louisiana state law and violation of the Endangered Species Act.

Dead Fish from Temple Inland Spill
Fish killed by the Temple Inland discharge.

The rights of LEAN members and the citizens of Louisiana to clean, safe, and fishable waters have been violated and we are exercising all options to protect those rights.

Freshwater Mussels Killed by the Temple Inland Discharge
Freshwater mussels killed by the Temple Inland Discharge.

LEAN is taking this action because the Temple-Inland facility has failed to comply with permitted discharge limits, Louisiana regulations and Louisiana water quality standards. Temple Inland has also violated Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act by causing the “take” of the Gulf Sturgeon, the inflated heel-splitter mussel, and possibly other listed threatened or endangered species.

LEAN is receiveing legal council on this matter from long time supporters Waltzer & Wiygul Law Firm.

Click here for the NOI document.

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