Local Resident Discusses Concerns Along Pearl River After Hurricane Isaac

Janice O’Berry discusses her concerns about the ability of the lock structures along Pearl River to adequately handle storm events such as the recent Hurricane Isaac.

LEAN – Interview with Janice O’ Berry about the failure of Lock #2 in the Pearl River Diversion Canal from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

Hurricane Isaac, like many storms experienced in South Louisiana, put significant strain on the infrastructure of our state. As this infrastructure ages and is often underfunded or neglected, significant threats to communities may arise. In the above video, Janice O’berry talkes about her observations of the struggling lock system on the Pearl River during Hurricane Isaac. The Pearl River Basin is a beautiful and mostly rural area but still not free of the environmental impacts of development and near by industry. Many significant environmental impacts have been recorded from Hurricane Isaac(click text to read more). As we continue to experience violent weather here in South Louisiana it seems necessary for both private companies and our state to focus on assuring that our infrastructure, industrial facilities and communities can safely weather the inevitable storms.  Hopefully, the watchful eye of residents, like Janice, will help to protect this rich environment and the communities that call it home. 

It was just last year that Janice, and the other residents around the Pearl River experienced the massive fish kill caused by industrial discharges from the Paper Mill in Bogalusa. See more information about the fish kill here. 

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