UTMB and LEAN work to assist communities after Hurricane Isaac

Marylee Orr(center left), executive director of LEAN, and Sharon Croisant PhD(center right) of UTMB stand with the truck ready to deliver relief supplies to communities impacted by Hurricane Isaac
University of Texas, Medical Branch and the Louisiana Environmental Action Network work to provide direct relief for communities impacted by Hurricane Isaac

Louisiana Environmental Action Network’s(LEAN) collaboration with the University of Texas, Medical Branch(UTMB) in the post Oil Spill GC-HARMS initiative has helped to strengthen and expand our long and fruitful partnership. In the wake of Hurricane Isaac, LEAN and UTMB’s extensive experience, network and shared understanding of the struggles facing Gulf Coast communities led us to do everything we could to assist those impacted. With generous support from our partners and friends, LEAN and UTMB were able to purchase and distribute food, water, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and other needs as requested by our network of community leaders.

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THANK YOU to Bryan Parras, Ken and Sharon Croisant, Renee Blanchard, Jeffrey Dubinsky and Ada McMahon for their personal contribution to this effort.

LEAN’s statewide network and 26 year history of assisting communities in dealing with their struggles naturally led to the formation of a direct relief project, Hands of Hope, in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. LEAN was fortunate enough to provide over $800,000 worth of direct relief to individuals struggling to recover after that historic set of storms. This direct relief component of LEAN’s work was once again activated following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008. As we work to recover from the most recent disaster of Hurricane Isaac, LEAN is continuing to work hard to do our part. As communities continue to return home and rebuild, LEAN and UTMB hope to continue providing as much support as possible. We are proud to have the opportunity to assist the communities impacted by Hurricane Isaac and contribute to their recovery. 
The needs of these communities remain great and any assistance is sincerely appreciated. 

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