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Alligator Bayou / Spanish Lake Update

Report addresses flood concerns, recommends dredging of Alligator Bayou and the restoring of a more natural hydrologic pattern “In April, 2009, the Alligator Bayou floodgate was opened at the direction of Iberville Parish to drain water that had been held on privately owned land because the landowners were threatening a lawsuit against the Parish.…
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Alligator Bayou Update #2 – March 27, 2009

Swamp draining about money not restoration. Dear Supporter, The truth is beginning to come to light. In an Associated Press article it was made clear to me that this is what is happening: A landowner has threatened to sue the Iberville Parish Council if they do not lower the water levels in the Spanish Lake Basin.…
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Baton Rouge Loop Threatens Alligator Bayou – Take Action

You probably know that there is a “Loop” in development for Baton Rouge. What you may not know is that a number of the routes being considered for the loop would bring it right through the Spanish Lake Basin / Alligator Bayou / Bluff Swamp area.…
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