Baton Rouge Loop Threatens Alligator Bayou – Take Action


You probably know that there is a “Loop” in development for Baton Rouge. What you may not know is that a number of the routes being considered for the loop would bring it right through the Spanish Lake Basin / Alligator Bayou / Bluff Swamp area. – More on the issue here.





The yellow (and orange) bands on this map show the routes being considered by the loop planners. Click for a larger view.




This area is a true ecological and cultural treasure and we need your help to make sure that it is not damaged by the loop project. What you also should know is that this is a “public-private partnership” that will be constructing a toll-road. It is not just a public project and we are told that the loop must make money. We must make sure that short-sighted monetary gains do not cause irreparable damage to this irreplaceable area. One of the possible southern routes that has been proposed by loop planners follows the existing Hwy. 30 (Nicholson) corridor. It would avoid the Spanish Lake area but the makers of the loop do not seem to prefer this route because they do not think it will make as much toll revenues as the routes to the north. Please take action! Contact the loop planners and tell them what you think!

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We believe that any impact to the ecological or cultural integrity of the Spanish Lake Basin is unacceptable.




An old-growth Baldcypress tree in the Spanish Lake Basin. Experts believe that some are well over 1,000 years old!

As we look to the future of the Greater Baton Rouge area we must make sure that short-sighted growth decisions do not cause irreparable damage to the things that define our unique cultural heritage. It is time for SMART growth in Louisiana. Destroying swamps to build toll roads is not smart. The Spanish Lake Basin gives us a connection to Louisiana’s past and a place to experience the majesty of creation and it is right in the “backyard” of Baton Rouge.

The Spanish Lake Basin is home to giant old-growth baldcypress trees, alligators, bass, bald eagles and a multitude of other species of birds, plants, fish and wildlife. Long time LEAN board member Frank Bonifay and his partner Jim Ragland have worked for over 20 years to preserve this treasure. To learn more please visit the Alligator Bayou website.




The 5 parish presidents will decide on the final route by May 2008 but it could be made sooner. Please contact your parish president and tell them what you think. A personal email is good, a personal phone call is great and both can only help! Below is the contact information for the five parish presidents:

Ascension Parish:
President Tommy Martinez
(225) 621-5709
PO Box 1659
Gonzales, LA 70737-1659

East Baton Rouge Parish:
Mayor-President “Kip” Holden
(225) 389-3100
PO Box 1471
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-1471

Iberville Parish:
President J. Mitchell Ourso, Jr.
(225) 387-6912
PO Box 389
Plaquemine, LA 70765-0389

Livingston Parish:
President Mike Grimmer
(225) 686-2266
PO Box 427
Livingston, LA 70754-0427

West Baton Rouge Parish:
President Riley “Pee Wee” Berthelot
(225) 383-4755
P.O. Box 757
Port Allen, LA 70767-0757

To get more information on the loop visit the loop planning website.

Save Our Cypress press release on this issue

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