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Louisiana Groups: Arbor Day is no Cause for Celebration in State

BATON ROUGE – A coalition of environmental organizations marked Arbor Day in Louisiana by calling attention to serious threats to the state’s forests from short-sighted policies and lack of responsible oversight. Specifically, the groups called attention to a number of port facilities under construction in Louisiana for production of wood pellets which are destined for foreign energy consumption.…
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Waterkeeper’s Air War

Great article from the profiling the work of Atchafalaya Basinkeeper Dean Wilson, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper Paul Orr and SouthWings. Great article by Ken Grissom Special Thanks to and volunteer pilot David Mauritson. From, 8/29/13: With nearly a million acres to monitor with one set of eyes, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper Dean Wilson and his Waterkeeper Alliance colleague Paul Orr, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper, with the task of watching over that major industrial corridor, relie on the kindness of another non-profit formed to give wings to a wide variety of persons and organizations interested in the health of the ecosystems of the Southeast from Louisiana to West Virginia.…
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Lake Borgne Seafood Sampling Trip

Once again the Lower Mississippi RIVERKEEPER (Paul Orr) and his crew, Operations Coordinator – Michael Orr and Photographer – Jeffrey Dubinsky set out for another day of collecting seafood in the gulf. Today’s haul included shrimp, blue crab, menhaden (small fish) and oysters.…
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