Alligator Bayou To Be Drained March 26, 2009


Alligator Bayou To Be Drained On Monday

The Spanish Lake Basin needs your help again!

Iberville Parish President Mitch Ourso has asked Ascension Parish President Tommy Martinez to permanently open the control structure at Alligator Bayou and Bayou Manchac and to allow the Spanish Lake Basin to completely drain.

This would leave Spanish Lake completely drained and render Alligator Bayou un-navigable and nearly empty.

The extent of the ecological harm that this would cause is unknown. Those of you that have enjoyed watching wading birds fish on the banks of Alligator Bayou can imagine what will happen if the water is taken away.

This area is a true ecological and cultural treasure and it needs your help to make sure that it is not damaged by reckless politicians. We must make sure that short-sighted political games do not cause irreparable damage to this irreplaceable area.

We believe that any impact to the ecological or cultural integrity of the Spanish Lake Basin is unacceptable.

An ancient baldcypress tree in the Spanish Lake Basin. Experts believe that some are over 2000 years old!!

The fate of the Spanish Lake Basin is in our hands! We must take action to protect this magical place! Call the parish councils and tell them your concerns; tell them not to drain the Spanish Lake Basin. Call now!

Ascension Parish Council
Tommy Martinez

Get the full list of Ascension Parish Council members with contact information HERE.

Get the full list of Iberville Parish Council members with contact information HERE.

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